Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

It can be tempting to deck out a baby girl nursery in pinks and frills, but remember that you have plenty of choices in terms of colors, decorations, furniture and bedding. Be sure to think carefully before buying a bucket of soft pink. Will there be other children to follow? Will you always want this room pink? Are there ways to make the room right for a girl, yet easy to change over should the need arise in the future? Putting some thought into the process and an eye to the future will help you spend the least amount of time and money on the room for years to come, while creating the perfect baby girl nursery.

Color Choices
Pink is nice, but it's not the only girl-appropriate color. Muted colors are best for any baby, and greens, lavender, mustard yellows or a combination of colors can be just as nice. Do you want other children? You may wish to choose a gender-neutral color for the future. Be aware that bright colors may be stimulating and cause the baby to have trouble relaxing. Muted pastels are best for the nursery environment.

When it comes to the walls, figure out if your baby will be in the room for years to come. If the answer is yes, you'll want to make the room versatile enough to change to a big girl's room. Princesses are fine if they're removable decals or wall hangings. Otherwise, consider themes that are not babyish but bring a comforting atmosphere to the room. Some examples could include sky, ocean, jungle, ABC letters or flower gardens.

Consider hanging up pictures that accent your theme. Pictures can be taken down if your next child is a boy, or if the baby girl turns into a toddler who loves all things bear. Wall hangings are also lovely in a baby's room. One or two are enough to really create the feel of the room, combined with bedding, a changing table cover and a blanket for the rocker.

Wallpaper borders are also a nice touch and make the room look finished. Wallpaper borders can accent the middle of the wall or the top, depending on your tastes and the rest of the decorations you choose. They're also easily removable whenever you wish to make a change.

Nursery furniture items you need are a crib, a changing table (or a dresser with a changing pad on top) and a rocking chair or glider rocker. These should be chosen for functionality and safety. Accessorize them with bedding, cushion covers and changing pad covers.

Personalize it
Consider adding the baby's name as a decoration with blocks, a framed poem or a sign on the door. You can find personalized items online that have poetry written which includes your baby's name. Personalized framed poetry can make a baby's room extra special.

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