The Pros and Cons of a Convertible Crib

A convertible crib allows you to use one bed for your child for most of his childhood. It can be modified from infant to baby crib by adjusting the spring level. Later, one side of the crib rails comes off to form a toddler bed. The more expensive models can later be converted by substituting longer rails and using the sides as headboard and footboard to convert to a youth bed.

The beds range in price, depending on quality and convertibility options, from $80 to $400 plus, usually without the crib mattress included.

Pros of Convertible Cribs
The obviously great thing about a converter crib is that the parents only have to buy one bed for their child. They alter the bed as the child grows. The springs are at highest level for a newborn so the mother can reach him easily. Lowering the springs as the baby becomes able to climb and stand in the bed prevent falls.

For the toddler stage the baby gets a low side rail to prevent roll outs and then the rail can be moved altogether. Later, the side rails become head and foot boards for a youth bed by adding a larger mattress. So all the parents have to buy new is a mattress when the child reaches youth. He is practically set for life, bed wise.

The converter beds are sturdily built in order to last. In the mid-price range the beds are well made and have safety feature built in. They are beautiful wooden cribs that add to the beauty of most any décor with no cute trims or designs to date them.
Cons of Convertible Cribs
There are some definite drawbacks to the use of a converter crib though. The basic drawback is the price. To expect the bed to hold up well under the wear of children, with moves and with the growth of the child, you must go for a costlier model with sturdiest construction. At a time when parents have so many expenses spending extra on a may be unfeasible.

Another drawback is that décor and tastes change. Mom and child might tire of the bed's design before it is converted through all its phases.

Someone will have to convert the bed through its stages. This could be a real problem for some parents. All the beds are advertised as "easy to assemble and convert," but are they?

The parts to convert the crib to daybed and later to youth bed have to be stored. This can upset the whole plan if the longer rails are stored and misplaced.

Surfaces of the crib may become marred through everyday use and normal wear so that when then crib is ready for the latter stages it is worn out and unacceptable. The added investment then is lost if the parent has to buy another bed after all.

Do you want to put your baby in a convertible crib? You be the judge.

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