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You'll find these Arabic love phrases handy if you find yourself an Arabic lover while traveling. Engaging in conversation with the locals is a perfect way to learn a foreign language, so why not partake in a little fun while getting to know an Arabic man or woman, or at least while practicing with someone else who is learning Arabic? Make sure you know these Arabic love phrases before you try to discuss the language of l'amour with the Arabic lover of your choice.

If you've met an attractive Arabic man or woman who appeals to you, it may help to know these love phrases:

Ashourou bel farahi maak: This translates literally to "I'm feeling happy with you," but it is the equivalent of saying, "I like you."

Ahebbouka: I love you.

Hal tou hebbouni?: Do you love me?

Arabic men and women do not use some of the terms of endearment Americans use, such as "sweetie" or "baby," but they do use the following terms to express love and affection:

Habibi: My love

Hayete: My life

Omre: All my age

Albi: My heart

Youni enta: You are my eyes.

Hayet albi enta: You are the life of my heart.

Ahlam sa'ida: Sweet dreams!

Anaa ataajok: I need you.

Anaa motayyama: I'm in love!
This phrase would be spoken by a woman about a man.

Oriido an akoona ma'aki ila al-abad: I want to be with you forever.

Ya Amar: This translates literally to "like the moon," but it means you are found to be quite beautiful.

If you've had to travel back home and want to tell your Arabic lover how much you miss and love him, try these phrases:

Eshtaktoulaka: I miss you.

Hal tashtaaqo lii?: Do you miss me?

Kolla yawm ashtaaqo laki aktar: Every day I miss you more than the day before.

Abadan laa tansynii: Don't ever forget me.

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These Arabic phrases will help you greet others, make conversation and find locations important to travelers.

To learn how to speak Arabic, you may need to immerse yourself by listening to the spoken language, writing out the words you want to learn and practicing saying the words out loud.

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By learning some common Arabic phrases, you will be able to engage in brief, polite conversations.

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