School Playground Safety Rules for Kids

It's important to follow basic playground safety rules with your children. Playgrounds are made for kids to play in and should be built to current safety standards. Most often, the playgrounds are at schools, and teachers can monitor kids. Sometimes, though, the teachers aren't there to supervise or are too busy to do so, so parents must always keep playground safety in mind.

Adult Supervision
As a general rule, parents or a designated adult should supervise kids in a playground. This is especially true for kids under age 12, but the most responsible thing to do is to ensure that there will be adult supervision when your kids are playing. This is for the safety of all kids, since you never know when a teen with less than noble intentions or an adult who shouldn't be there might be in or near the playground. Responsible adult supervision is a deterrent. Also, since injuries are most common during physical activity, being there means you can immediately respond if anyone gets hurt.

Playground Safety Rules for Kids to Know
If you decide to allow your preteen to hang out at the school playground for a bit after school or on the weekend without you there, it's best to prepare him or her with some important guidelines:

Don't Talk to Strangers: This may seem basic, but for a preteen, you can get more specific about suspicious behavior, and you can tell your preteen what to do if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Knowing which adults are okay to ask for help (teachers, parents of friends, police) is also important.

Play Safely: This rule includes not taking unnecessary chances on playground equipment or being a show-off.

Know How to Contact You: Does your child have a cell phone? A cell phone can keep parents in close contact with their children and gives children a means for contacting parents at the touch of a button.

Set Behavior Expectations: Kids alone can get into arguments with other kids, find trouble or become victims of bullying by older, bigger kids. Give your child tools for how to handle a situation in which he or she is being pushed around, how to avoid peer pressure and how to get away from an argument.

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