How to Help Kids with Learning Difficulties Get Organized

For children with learning difficulties or disabilities, organization skills are vital to succeeding in school. These kids may have trouble keeping track of their school materials, remembering what they have to do and getting their homework done on time.

Try these tips to help kids better manage their time and their school assignments:

Follow a daily routine. Have your child write up a schedule of what he does in a given school day and at what particular times. Post it at home or in a notebook to use at school.

Post a large family calendar in a common area at home for all family members to write in and check daily events. A child's daily planner can be used to figure out how homework, play time, extracurricular activities, etc., can be worked into each day.

Keep an assignment book. Have your child write down any school assignments in this book, complete with the subject and the date the assignment is due.

Make multiple copies of a homework checklist that your child can use it for every school subject. The checklist can include the following statements:

- I have the materials I need to do the assignment (book, notes, handouts).
- I completed the assignment.
- I checked the assignment.
- There was no homework in this subject today.

Make "Things to Do" lists. After school each day, have your child list the things that need to be done before bedtime (chores, homework and other activities). Then have her check the items off the list when they're completed.

Do the hardest job first. When doing homework, encourage your child to tackle the toughest assignments first, when she has the most energy for the task.

Reward yourself. When your child follows through with to-do lists or finishes an assignment, encourage him to treat himself to something he enjoys.

Color-code school materials for easy reference. If your child forgets to bring the right books or notepads to class, try using certain colors for certain materials.

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