Why is Biology Important

Is your student asking why is biology important? Does your student have trouble finding the motivation to study? If you help your child understand the importance of biology studies, you may see an improvement in enthusiasm and attention.

Biology is, simply put, the study of life. Without biology, we would not have doctors, veterinarians, agriculturalists or geneticists. Biology is used in all of the following careers:

  • Physicians/Nurses/Medical Practitioners: Biology is one of the central foundations for all medical jobs. Biology is the study of life, including the human body and how it works. Pathologists focus on areas of biology concerned with malfunction and disease. Pharmacologists study biology to determine how drugs and natural substances interact with the body. Geneticists study how diseases and individual characteristics are affected by heredity. Medical biology is one of the fields most valued by our society.
  • Veterinarians: Veterinarians need a solid foundation in biology to understand animals' bodies and how they function best. Marine biologists work with ocean organisms, freshwater biologists work with inland aquatic life and zoologists work with all kinds of animals.
  • Agriculturists: If you like to eat, you need to appreciate the biologists who work with both crop and livestock engineering. Agriculturists use biology to breed efficient crops and hardy cattle. These scientists improve natural pest control and find ways to control and cure animal disease. They use biology to produce the best crops at the lowest cost to the environment and the farmer.
  • Environmentalists: Environmentalists rely on biology to understand how the actions of humans affect ecosystems and, on a larger scale, the whole world. As we come to understand the impact of our actions, we can make changes to reduce our consumption of natural resources and to eliminate the introduction of harmful chemicals or invasive species into the environment.
  • Forensics: Biology even plays a part in catching bad guys. Without biology, many criminal identification techniques would be impossible, including fingerprinting and the use of DNA evidence.

Hopefully your student will recognize the value in studying these various fields. Relating biology to a child's interests is a great way to make textbooks and lab experiements relevant and exciting.

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