Where to Find Boarding School Scholarships

The cost of boarding school can be prohibitive. Luckily, there are many boarding school scholarships. Where can you find a scholarship to help send your child to school? 

Search the Internet
The internet may be the most help in searching for scholarships for your child. First, narrow your search by deciding the type of school your child should attend. Is the student handicapped mentally or physically? Will he need a school for students suffering substance abuse? Are you looking for academic achievement or arts schools, sports school or a military school? There are boarding schools for students in certain sports or skills training.

Put the name of your desired school into a search engine with the word "scholarship." If you don't have a single school in mind, or if you want to check out the competition, simply search for the type of school that interests you.

Two sites that may help are www.admissionsquest.com  and www.boardingschoolreview.com . These sites list schools and scholarships available and give information about the schools as well as ratings.

Other Search Paths
Other places to find schools and scholarships right for your child can be found with guidance from your public librarian, books of school listings that are published annually, and area phone directories. Contact schools or visit campuses and ask about scholarship programs offered at the financial aid office.

Start early, as long as a year or two before your child is ready to attend, to be certain of having the scholarship in place when you need it.

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