What Is Botany

Has your child asked, "What is botany, and why do I need to study it?" You can explain that a botany education will help your child understand the world of plants, which is much more complex and intricate that he probably imagines. If your child complains about botany class, try inspiring her to study by explaining the importance of understanding plants.

Plant Science
Botany is a branch of science focused on studying plants. By plants, botanists are referring to the everyday trees, grasses and flowers your child probably thinks of right away, as well as fungi, algae and bacteria. The study of plants goes beyond naming genus and species; it delves into the microbiology of plant structure, the medicinal and practical uses of plant life, the nutritional value of plants as well as aspects of agriculture and horticulture.

If your child likes lab work, he can check out plant cells under a microscope and watch the multiplication of bacteria in a Petri dish. If your child loves gardening, she can investigate aspects of horticulture and agriculture. If your child is fascinated by the rainforest, he may want to learn about the amazing varieties of plants found in the rainforest and nowhere else on Earth.

Careers in Botany
By studying botany, your child may find a path to a future career. Botanists help us determine which plant materials can be used for medicines and nutrition, spun into fibers for making cloth or used as resources for building things. Botanists work with pharmacists, nutritionists, engineers, horticulturists, farmers, research scientists and government officials. They help to manage national parks, teach businesses how to operate using eco-friendly methods and educate the general public about how to live green.

If your child falls in love with botany, you may want to look online for opportunities for her to volunteer with environmental protection professionals or horticulturists locally.

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