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Sir Thomas More wrote his Utopia to highlight defects in his society. It is serious social criticism, expressed as light satire.
By Janet Grischy
One of the oldest works of Western literature, the Odyssey tells the story of Odysseus’ return from the Trojan War.
By Katriena Knights
Discover the lore behind the seven archangels, and the reasons each one is called upon by believers.
By Marie Lorraine
John Donne and Jonathan Swift were both writers of poetry, prose and satire who also served in religious offices.
By Katriena Knights
The Prince is a controversial political treatise in history. It was intended to garner favor for Machiavelli with the ruling family, but it backfired.
By Rebecca Mikulin
J. R. R. Tolkien’s epic tale about the hobbit Bilbo Baggins stands the test of time and offers moral guidance that is relevant today.
By Lauren Bove
The King James Bible is one of the translations that is accepted in modern churches.
By Shelly Barclay
Need help understanding different points of view in literature? Learn why it's important to choose a point of view and stick to it when writing a story.
By Rachel Mork
Modernist literature includes some of the most difficult, but worthwhile, reads of the 20th century.
By Shelly Barclay
Are your students or children asking, "What is symbolism in literature?" Help them understand the role of symbolism in writing and introduce them to some common symbols writers use.
By Rachel Mork
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