Personalized Children's Books

A unique and special gift you can give to a child is a personalized children's book. Personalized children's books are special order books that are printed with the recipient's name in the story as one of the characters.

Many companies have purchased the license rights to feature any child's name in a story with popular characters such as: Disney princesses, Spiderman, Batman, Sesame Street, Garfield, Beauty and the Beast, Marvel Heroes, Looney Tunes and more. Others have unique stories about magical characters or stories that teach a lesson such as potty training.

All you need to do is to enter the name of the child, and any additional information in the form provided online, and the company prints the book with that information included. For example, the story will include the child's name as the sidekick to the main character, and mention siblings' and pets, or the home town name, or whatever other personalized information is needed for that particular story. Some companies will graphically reproduce a child's picture in the illustrations to make the story even more personalized. The story is then printed, bound and sent. It arrives looking like a regular book, but the front page has a dedication from the giver, and the story features the personalized names.

What makes this a great gift is that children love seeing their names in print. They also get a thrill having a story just for them that includes their favorite characters. Being in the story with their characters and having it look like a real book makes them feel special. This adds a positive feeling to reading, and fosters a love of reading. Children will marvel at their personalized story book and share it with others. Featuring the child as the hero shows the child that he has the ability to make good choices and feel good about himself. Building self esteem is another positive aspect of personalized books for children.

Personalized children's books are available from various companies on the Internet. A search for personalized children's books will bring up many distributors. There are baby books, poetry book, and all of the licensed variety as well. The cost is usually around $30-40 plus shipping for a book. It may take about two weeks to receive the finished product. It's a worthwhile gift.

As with any Internet business, before ordering, be sure the company has full business contact information in case you need to get a refund or your order doesn't arrive. The business should have a phone number and land-based business address. Also do a fast check with Better Business Bureau and before entering any credit card or personal information into their web page form.

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