Tips to Interest Kids in Reading Books

Would you like your child to develop a lifelong appreciation of reading? Follow these kids' reading tips to open new possibilities offered by the literary world.

  • Model reading behaviors. If you want your child to enjoy reading, you must show that you, too, take pleasure in reading for pleasure. Books, newspapers and magazines dealing with every interest area are available. Find reading material that intrigues or challenges you, and read in front of your child.
  • Show your child that reading takes you to new places and introduces new people. Pique his interest by sharing reading material from a wide array of genres, ranging from rhyme and pop-up books for toddlers to young adult novels for the tween and teen set.
  • Use your library card. Family outings to the library offer a time to bond and select new books. Plus, libraries promote the written word in so many ways: audio books, videos, story hours, guest speakers and so forth.
  • Join a book club. Several online book clubs for kids offer suggestions. And as an adult, find a book club that caters to your reading likes.
  • Apply stories in novels to situations in real life. When your child makes a connection between the two, his interest in reading will increase.
    Introduce different types of reading material to your child. Think outside the book. Magazines and newspapers tell interesting stories that might draw your child's interest and imagination.
  • Practice. If your child is younger, help him understand basic reading concepts, including reading right to left, rhyming words and site words, and phonetic decoding. As your child ages, read aloud to strengthen comprehension skills.

Instilling an appreciation of reading doesn't have to be a daunting task. If you show an interest in books and written text, your child will be tempted to investigate the world of books.

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