The Best Creative Writing Activities for Kids

Are you at a loss for good creative writing activities for your kids? You are not alone. It can be a real challenge to not only teach kids to write well, but to get them to love writing. Writing is an essential skill in life, whether writing a research paper, a letter or even a blog, solid writing skills will help your kids go far. Here are some activities to get them writing and loving it.

  • Journal: Get your kids into the writing habit by encouraging them to keep a daily journal. It doesn't really matter what they write about, as long as they are writing. With a journal, your students should not concern themselves too much with proper punctuation and such, as this is really more an exercise to get ideas flowing and for them to enjoy the process. They can write about the events of their life, dreams, things they'd like to do, why they love their dog or anything else that's on their mind. The key here is just to get them writing.
  • Story Jars: Start with three empty jars. Label the first one "who" and fill it with slips of paper on which possible subjects for a story are written, such as "the mailman," "Jane," "a stranger," "a very old man," etc. Label the second jar "Where" and fill it with possible story locations, such as "a kitchen," "a farmyard," "the Eiffel Tower," etc. Label the third jar "What" and fill it with situations such as "a big storm," "a wedding," "a competition," etc. Have your kids choose one slip of paper from each jar, and then write a short story incorporating the suggestions. When you're done, read the stories aloud.
  • Acrostic Poems: Acrostic poems are a great way to get kids started on writing poetry. In this poem form, the letters that make up a word are used as the first letter of each line of the poem. Each line should relate to the acrostic word. Begin by showing your kids examples of acrostic poems, and then have them write their own. To choose a word to begin your poems, look to the seasons, holidays or nature for inspiration. For younger students, keep the word fairly short; four or five letters is plenty.
  • Art Stories: Find photographs of famous works of art. Allow your students to choose a painting and write a story based on what they see in the picture. Ask them to think about what may have happened just before what they see in the picture, and what they think may have happened just after. It is interesting to have several students write about the same picture, as you will likely get several very different stories. 
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These creative writing topics for poetry, short stories and essays are organized by age and encourage personal expression and imagination.
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Having an assortment of creative writing exercises can help you get over those bouts of writer's block. They may even improve your writing.

Teaching creative writing for kids can be very rewarding. Children in this age group have vivid imaginations and can write fantastic stories. All they need is a little nudge in the right direction.

These simple creative writing tips will help you improve your work and be prepared when inspiration finds you.
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