At-Home Activities to Introduce Kids to Drama

Opportunities abound to introduce your children to drama. Adding creative flair to mundane moments will show your children that "the play" is indeed "the thing."

  • Theater is storytelling. Expose your children to the joys of language, and talk about the stories you read together. Ask, "Why did the characters make certain decisions? What will happen next?"
  • Dress-up and act out. Fill a box with old clothes for dressing up. Provide colored scarves that can become capes, ball gowns or princess hair. A refrigerator box can become a puppet theater or a main prop. Encourage open-ended play.
  • Make-believe. Encourage your children's imagination with fantasy play. Ask them to imitate their favorite animal. Play charades, practice pantomime, put on music and dance in your living room.
  • Incorporate theater into family celebrations. Holidays are perfect for quick skits. Help the children in your family act out the story of the first Thanksgiving. Invite the neighbors to stage a dramatic reading of The Twelve Days of Christmas - complete with lords a-leaping and ladies dancing.
  • Expose children to a variety of theatrical experiences - dance performances, magic shows, dramas, comedies, musicals, puppet shows and the circus.

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