Tips for Learning How to Speak French

Learning how to speak French isn't hard, but it does take plenty of practice. If you're trying to learn French, it's helpful to make a few changes in your everyday lifestyle so that you start to think in French, which is a major key to learning the language.

Watch a French TV Channel
While you may not have a clue what they're talking about at first, you will find that after a few days or weeks of watching, you will learn to tell what's going on. Facial expressions and household items used in the show will help, but because you are hearing the language being spoken every day, eventually you will also begin to pick up phrases as they are said, and you will begin to recognize what is being said. Try turning on the closed captions, so that you can see the words as well as hear them.

Everyday Items
Another way to help you pick up the language faster is to use a dictionary that translates English to French. Once you have a translation book, make sure you pronounce all of the everyday items around your home both in the English version and in the French version, so that you become acquainted with the words and what they represent.

Walk around the house each day and say the words of each item in your home in French. At first, you may want to place labels on everything and keep a chart that shows the items you have trouble remembering. Practice saying the words that give you trouble. To make it easier to place the correct word with the correct item, use each of the words in a sentence as you walk past. Try to come up with a different sentence every day.

Find a Collaborator
Locate someone who already speaks French fluently and practice with him. Take walks to all of the places you frequent, and learn the French words for whatever you see and touch. Make a list of items to learn every day, such as tree, flower, bush and rock. The next time you return to each location, practice the French pronunciation of each item on your list.

If you aren't sure where to start looking for help, check the local library and schools. Once you have found a collaborator, waste no time in beginning your studies. Each time you learn a new word, use the word in a sentence that is more than four words in length. Try to lengthen your sentences as you expand your vocabulary.

Write pen pal letters to your collaborator. Start slowly at first, but always try to challenge yourself so that each letter focuses on a different subject. Not only does this prevent either of you from becoming bored, it also provides a chance to continually move forward in your quest to learn how to speak French fluently.

Learn Through Play
Look for games and puzzles that are written in French. Crossword puzzles are a wonderful way to learn a new language. Keep a translation dictionary on hand so that you don't get too bogged down. Other games that can be played using a different language include Scrabble and Hangman. When you walk your dog, speak to her in French. You'll be surprised at how fast your dog can pick up a new language.

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