Why is Geography Important

Has your child complained, asking, "Why is geography important?" Are you having trouble answering the question? You can make geography topics more interesting if you convey the relevance of the information to the child's life. Try these tips for making geography lessons interesting.

Make Comparisons
If you're studying the geography of the Hawaiian Islands, for example, you can compare the weather in Hawaii with the local weather. If you live in Minnesota, comparisons like this can be attention-getting. Compare lifestyle differences, survival tips and details about the location being studied that will catch your student's attention.

Highlight the Human Factor
The most interesting part of geography is the human factor, or how this location affects people. Is it difficult or easy to live in a given geographic location? Using Hawaii as an example again, you can talk about how the weather is heavenly, but the cost of living is high. Mention that volcanoes and hurricanes are constant threats to people and buildings. Talk about things the kids would endure and enjoy if they lived there.

Showcase Geography Current Events
Look for interesting current events to share as you study a geographic area. Has a volcano erupted recently? How will the local people handle the eruption? Will the eruption affect global warming? Will the ash from a volcano eruption change how the sky looks or how sunsets appear?

Explain How Geography Affects the Economy
Has there been a drought, flood or famine in the area you are studying? Has a recent bounty of crops or recession related to geographic features crippled a country or region economically? How will these issues affect people in the United States?

Geographic changes can have a big impact. They can alter the global food and water supplies and demand, create travel restrictions or allowances, bring about political conflicts or cooperation, etc. Explain to your students how understanding geography leads to better understanding of other human beings and solutions for issues both local and global.

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By teaching the 5 themes of geography to your students, you expose them to the practical importance of studying geography.

What is geography? It's more than memorizing places on a map; it's about understanding how an area affects the people who live there.

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What is geography? It's more than memorizing places on a map; it's about understanding how an area affects the people who live there.

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