Fun Geometry Project Ideas

Here are some fun geometry project ideas that you can use to illustrate mathematical concepts in a fun and entertaining way. The great thing about geometry is that it incorporates limitless shapes and angles, so art-based projects can allow students to show they understand the science while still being able to express themselves creatively. 

  • Make a geometric collage. Students can go through old newspapers or magazines and pick out different pictures that illustrate different geometric principles. A fashion magazine may show a dress that is made out of a triangular pattern. You can include the dress and describe each triangle. For example, what makes the triangle a right triangle? How would you find the length of the hypotenuse? Another idea is to study the geometry of baseball. Use pictures of players hitting home runs, and show how different angles cause the ball to go in different directions.
  • Make your own shape. Use papier mache to create your own special shape by combining other shapes. This is a fun way to incorporate three-dimensional geometry into a project. Have a rhombus base with a sphere on top of it. Add cones or pyramids jutting out from the sphere. The combinations are endless. Have the students identify each shape in the model, explain what properties make it that shape and give the formulas for calculating each area. Computer geometry programs exist that allow the user to plot shapes, angles and measurements in a two- or three-dimensional plane. Allow students to create their own shapes using this software.
  • Perfectly pack a suitcase. How many cans or boxes can fit into a suitcase when geometry is your ally? Create the perfectly packed suitcase by first illustrating the area of the closed suitcase, then figuring out the area of everything you want to fit inside.
  • Check out bridges and buidlings. Start with a photograph of a well-known bridge or building in your area, then take a look at what's inside by studying construction blueprints. Explain how geometry formulas are used to make bridges strong enough to support traffic or buildings strong enough to reach into the sky.

Geometry classes don't have to be dull. The subject comes alive when you let your students transfer what they've learned into a greater understanding of the things that they love.

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