Simple Hebrew Phrases for Beginners

Starting with some simple Hebrew phrases is a great way for those beginning Hebrew to start speaking the language. One of the most exciting things about learning a new language is learning to speak it. Hebrew has some unique pronunciations, and learning everyday phrases is a great way to practice them.

A Note on Transliteration
For ease of reading, the Hebrew phrases included have been transliterated into English letters. That the letters "ch" should be pronounced in the back of the throat, using a sound similar to clearing your throat. There is no "ch" sound in Hebrew that is similar to the sound used in English. The letter "o" should be pronounced with a long o sound, as in "oh."

When you're learning Hebrew, it's a good idea to find a teacher, a mentor or an online class that will let you hear the words as well as see them. Mastering pronunciation is one of the trickiest parts of learning to speak a language. If you're taking an online course, make sure it includes audio files that you can rewind, pause and hear again and again until you get the pronunciation just right.

The Basics

Yes: ken
No: lo
Hello: shalom
Goodbye: l'hitra'ot
Please: b'vakasha
Thank you: toda
Thank you very much: toda raba
You're welcome: al lo davar
Excuse me: sleecha
My name is… Shmee …

Useful Questions and Polite Phrases

What time is it? Ma hasha'a?
What is your name? Ma sheemcha?(male) Ma shmaych?(female)
How are you? Ma shlomcha?(male) Ma shlomaych?(female)
What? Ma?
How much is it? Kama ze ole?
Can you repeat that? Hatuchal lachazor al kach?
How do you say…? Aych omreem…?
Where is the bathroom? Hhaychan hashayruteem?
Can you help me? Hatuchal la'azor lee?
I don't understand. Lo mayveen.(male) Lo m'veenah.(female)
Okay: b'seder
Not okay: lo b'seder
I speak Hebrew. Anee m'daber eevreet.
Congratulations: mazal tov
Good morning: boker tov
Good afternoon: acher tzohorayeem toveem
Good evening: erev tov
Good night: lailah tov
Breakfast: aruchat boker
Lunch: archat tzohorayeem
Dinner: aruchat erev
Sit: lashevet
Stand: lakum

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Find tips on Hebrew writing, learn simple Hebrew phrases and read inspirational Hebrew sayings.

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