Fun Bug Crafts for Kids

Kids love to make bug crafts. These projects can be used to help kids learn about bugs, overcome a fear of bugs, express their creative selves, as school or camp crafts or simply as something to do on a rainy day. Try some of these easy ideas for making bugs when you need a project. The kids are sure to enjoy it.

Plate Spider
This is an easy craft for little kids. You'll need a paper plate, glue, construction paper, scissors, crayons or markers and thin string. For the legs, cut eight strips from the construction paper and fold each one like an accordion. They can be decorated, if desired.

Use the crayons or markers to draw a face on the back of the plate. Attach the legs to the inside rim of the plate with the tape or glue, four on each side. Poke a small hole in the center of the plate and run the string through the hole, taping the end on the underside. Kids can make the spider "walk" by holding the end of the string and pulling it along.

Egg Carton Bugs
Egg cartons can be used for lots of bug crafts. You can use three cups in a row to show the three parts of the insect's body, or use one cup to make a spider.

You can make any kind of bug or caterpillar with the cups of an egg carton. Cut out as many as you want, leaving some attached or separate, depending on the length of the bug you are making. Paint or decorate with markers. Glue on googly eyes or draw your own eyes. Use pipe cleaners to make antennae and feet, or use construction paper. Whatever craft supplies are on hand, you can adapt them for making a bug from an egg carton. If you're making a spider, or if you want the bug to fly, just attach a string to the center of the center cup.

Bug Pencil Toppers
This project calls for the hot glue gun, so it's only for older crafters. You'll need pompoms, pipe cleaners, scissors, googly eyes, a pencil and hot glue.

Cut the pipe cleaners to the size for legs, then hot glue them to the pompom. If your child wants to make a caterpillar or a segmented bug like an ant, simply glue three or more pompoms together. Glue on googly eyes. Attach a long pipe cleaner to the base of the pompoms and wrap it continuously around the pencil to attach it. You can also glue the bug to the top of the pencil. 

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