Money Management Games for Teens

Teens should become good at money management, as in college and beyond they will need to know how to be fiscally responsible. Here are some money management games for teens that will help them learn the tricks while having fun.

Online Games:
Teens really enjoy playing games online. There are many resources for online money management games that offer practical life skills with the real thing. A stellar collection of online games is available at the University of California Cooperative Extension website, Money Talks Featured on this website are games for building skills in: planning food spending, handling expenses, debunking money myths, determining financial IQ and learning about banking and credit. The games offer very valuable skills handled in a fun context. This can be an outstanding way for teens to learn money management skills playing games online.

Board Games:
These traditional board games are family fun while helping your youngster learn to manage money. Consider these options at your next family game night:

  • Payday: Work your way around the board earning money, paying bills, and dealing with some day to day money issues while having fun and competing with other players.
  • Monopoly: The tried and true way to manage money and gain income through real estate investments. Make the best choices, earn the most money, and win the game! One of the coolest things about Monopoly is discovering all of the different versions there are on this traditional favorite. There's even a Sponge Bob Square Pants version for the littlest future tycoons.
  • Life: This is another classic game which puts you in the driver's seat of life. This is more than regular money management as players have to choose education, careers, managing a family, and become successful.


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You may think your kids are too young to learn money management skills, but the truth is that they're learning by watching you and seeing how you deal with cash, checks and credit cards. Give your children the education that they need to become savvy money managers; it's a gift that will last a lifetime.

There are choices in terms of savings accounts and college planning. A good idea is to involve children in the process when they are old enough to understand the value of saving money.
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