How to Write a Lyric Poem

Need to teach a child how to write a lyric poem? Lyrical poems are the most commonly found poems. They are usually somewhat short in length, running between one stanza and one page long. They express an emotion or experience and usually adhere to a rhyming pattern. Lyrics of songs are actually lyric poems that have been set to music.

Teaching Lyric Poetry
When teaching a child to write a lyrical poem, you'll need to give the child an example he can relate to. You might want to use the lyrics from a song as your example. Print out the lyrics to a child-friendly song. Help the child see the rhyming pattern in the song by reading the poem out loud and underling the lines that rhyme. If you play the song, the child can then listen to the lyrical flow of the poem, helping him to grasp the way a lyric poem flows so that it can be put to music.

Choose a topic and rhyming pattern that works for the child. Setting the poem to a tune the child knows is very helpful. At other times it works best to write the poem first, then identify the music that will go with it. Teach the child to be flexible.

Topics for Lyric Poems
Most lyrical poems are romantic or sentimental in nature. Children may not be mature enough to want to write a sentimental or romantic song, so you may need to look for a childhood experience that conjures strong feelings. Suggest poetry topics such as the first time the child met her best friend, a time when she was afraid during a storm or a time when she first tried a new activity, like riding a horse. Children may wish to write love poems about pets or siblings.

Encourage the child to follow a rhyming pattern and break the poem into stanzas. When your child is finished, ask him to read the poem aloud so he can hear how it sounds.

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