Fun Kindergarten Art Projects

There are many different kindergarten art projects that can be done with young children. To keep art projects for kindergarten creative, and to keep the mess under control, it's a good idea to first assess the motor skill development of your students. Some kindergartners lack the fine motor skills needed to wield a paint brush with success or to cut out complex shapes. Tailor each kindergarten art project to the children's overall skill level and you'll have fun creating art every time.

  • Make an art book. During the first day or two of the year, have the children make a front cover and back cover that can be attached by two rings at the top. Let them use markers or crayons to add their names and some designs to the book. Each day, have the children do an art project, either coloring, painting or drawing. Clip each page into the book.
  • Make a classroom calendar. Plan out a calendar for the month using a large bulletin board. Choose a special day during the month, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, as the theme for the class calendar. On the first day of the project, discuss that special day and the things that are associated with it. Then ask the children to come up with ideas for decorating the bulletin board.

    This project can be adapted to the different skills of children in the clasroom. Some children can cut out letters, some can make paper chains and some can draw designs on construction paper for others to cut out. When all of the decorations are done, put them up while getting the children's input as to where certain items should be placed. Not only is this a great art project, it also shows what teamwork can do.

    If your class chooses Christmas during December, and you have children that celebrate Channukah or other holidays, ytalk about all of the different holidays in December and be sure to include elements of them in the calendar. Check with your school to be sure there are no restrictions on holiday displays or elements.

  • Have cultural days. Pick a different country every week. Find a map of the country or create an outline of its shape on a large piece of poster board or paper. On the first day of the week, discuss that country's culture. Have the children draw or paint something from the discussion. One the second day, you might discuss different foods from that particular country, again having the children draw them. At the end of each discussion, add the children's drawings to the map. At the end of the week, hang the map on the wall. By the end of the semester, your kindergarten classroom will resemble a giant map of the Earth filled with cultural elements.
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