Preschool Gym Games

If you need fresh ideas for preschool gym activities, try these games out. All of these activities will help develop large motor skills while burning energy, so those preschool children will be ready for nap time when they're done.

Animal Games
Preschool children love pretending they are animals. Line your preschool class up at one end of the gymnasium, then demonstrate some various animal crawls, walks, hops and gaits. After each demonstration, challenge the kids to make it across the preschool gym floor and back doing the best imitation they can. The following are animal gait suggestions:

  • Crab Walk
  • Bunny Hop
  • Snake Slither
  • Kitty Crawl
  • Chicken Walk
  • Kangaroo Hop

Simon Says Twister Moves
Play Simon Says, only add a few fun Twister moves into the act. Think of stretching or yoga moves and incorporate stretches, twists and straddles into your game. By teaching your preschool children to stand on one foot, reach for the sky, twist around, squat low and balance in a downward dog position, you are improving balance and flexibility.

Preschool Gymnastics
Line the floor of the gym with mats to protect your students from injury. Teach the kids how to do basic somersaults, tucking their heads and landing on their shoulders and upper backs. Demonstrate basic stretches and splits, showing the kids how to be gentle with their bodies as they stretch and roll.

Walk the Line
Preschoolers need help learning balance and coordination. Use masking tape to make a straight line across the gym floor, then have your preschool children practice walking the line as if it is a tightrope. Challenge them to walk the line while lifting their legs, kicking, hopping on one foot or running with high knees.

Basketball Star
Give each child a basketball. Teach the child to walk from one end of the gym to the other while bouncing the ball. Work up to bouncing the ball from hand to hand, alternating which hand dribbles the ball. When the child reaches the other side of the gym, hand off the ball to the child waiting on that side of the gym.

Balloon Bounce
Blow up one balloon per child. Challenge the children to keep their balloons in the air by bouncing them up and running after them. See who can keep a balloon in the air the longest without actually holding it, just bouncing it back up before it touches the ground.

Kickball Bounce
Give each pair of children a kickball. Have the kids stand about 10 feet apart. Have the kids bounce the ball back and forth to one another; the ball must bounce at least once before it reaches the other child. If you want to be more structured with this game, use masking tape to show where the children can stand. Put a masking tape X in the middle of each pair of children and have the kids aim for that spot.

All of these games are designed to get preschool children moving without risking injury or chaos in the gymnasium.

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