Common Russian Words Every Traveler Should Know

If you're traveling to Russia, the following Russian words are essential communication tools you'll need packed in your mental suitcase. These words have been written as they are pronounced, so you can memorize them without having to learn the Russian alphabet. If you're going to Russia as part of your effort to learn a foreign language, these phonetically spelled Russian words will function as a stepping stone in your learning process.

Naturally, you will want to learn the Russian alphabet if you want to become proficient in this language. This list is intended to get you by as a traveler who is just visiting Russia.

You'll probably spend a lot of your time visiting trying to find sites to see, so these phrases will help you to get around and deal with any emergencies that might arise:

Please tell me…: Skazhitye pazhailsta…

Where is…: Gdye…

How do I get there?: Kak toodabratsa?

Excuse me, how do I get to the railway station?: Eezveeneetye, kak mynye dabratsa da vaksala?

Bus: Aftoboos

Airport: Aeropohrta

Street: Ooleetsa

The American Embassy: Amerikanskoe Posoltvo
If you are traveling to Russia, you must memorize this phrase even if you memorize nothing else, just in case you experience any troubles that require you to check into the Embassy for your safety.

Does this bus go to…: Etat aftoboos yedyit da …?

I've lost my wallet: Ya pahteeryal svoy boomahzhneek.

I'm lost: Ya zabloodeelsyabloohdee lahs.

I need help: Mneh noozhnah vahshah pohmashch.

Help me, please: Pahmahgeetyeh, pohzhahlstah.

I need to see a doctor: Mnye noozhehn vrach.

I feel sick: Yahbohleen.
This is the masculine form of this phrase.

I feel sick: Yahbahlnah.
This is the feminine form of this phrase.

I'm going to call the police: Yah vihzahvoo meeleetsihyooh.

Police!: Meeleetsihyah!

Stop, thief!: Deerzheetee vohrah!

Please: Pohzhahlstah

Thank you: Spahseebah

Sorry: Prohsteetye

Excuse me: Eezveneetye

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To learn how to speak Russian, you will need to study the language using as many senses as possible since the language is so different from English.

If you learn Russian greetings before your travels, you won't be surprised when someone who is Russian tries to strike up a conversation.

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These basic Russian phrases include greetings and polite phrases that can help you when you are on the go or at a hotel.

Russian is the fourth most widely spoken language in the world, being the first language of more than 220 million people.This is the first lesson of Russian language for American students.

If you learn Russian greetings before your travels, you won't be surprised when someone who is Russian tries to strike up a conversation.

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