Interesting Social Studies Fair Ideas

These social studies fair ideas offer endless opportunity for great projects. Because social studies is such a vast subject, there is a topic out there to interest every child. Preparing a project for a fair is more than just doing a research project; your child can really explore a subject of his interest in depth, and create a presentation to share his interest. Check out the following list of social studies fair ideas. One of these topics is sure to inspire your child.


  • Our Fifty States: Present maps and interesting facts about the 50 states, including when and how each state gained its statehood, population, capital and prominent industries.
  • Changing Nations of the World: Discuss why our world map looks so different now than it did a generation ago. Explain why and how national borders and the names of countries change over time.

US History

  • Founding Fathers: Create a presentation about one or more of the founding fathers of our nation, including information about the person's childhood, job and political beliefs.
  • The Thirteen Original Colonies: Create a map of the colonies, and explain how they were the foundation for our nation today. Include the dates when the colonies were founded to show how quickly settlements grew in America.

Ancient Civilizations:

  • Ancient Egypt: Explore this fascinating and mysterious civilization, with its pyramids, pharaohs and mummies. With so much information available, kids can choose to do an overview of ancient Egypt or do an in-depth presentation on a single aspect of Egyptian culture.
  • Ancient Greece: Create a presentation on ancient Greece, discussing similarities and differences to our own civilization. Explore the importance of Greek Mythology to ancient Greek culture.


  • Great Explorers in History: Choose one or more great explorers, such as Columbus, James Cook or Amerigo Vespucci, and discuss the discoveries they made.  Think about on what it may have been like to explore uncharted areas in a time before telecommunications and advanced navigation systems. Create maps showing the distances they traveled and the areas they explored.
  • The Vikings: Explore legacy and mythology of these fascinating people. References to the Norse gods still abound in modern culture, and the Vikings had a major influence on some Northern European countries, including Ireland and Scotland.

World Cultures

  • Differences and Similarities in World Cultures: Explore the many rich and varied cultures of our modern world. How are we different? How are we the same?
  • Religions Around the World: Create a presentation about the many different belief systems of people around the world. How does faith inform actions and choices? How does it shape the government of some nations?

Current Events
Choose a topic of interest from the headlines of today, whether it's the economy, an upcoming election or the latest supreme court decision. Use the headlines as a jumping off point to investigate how different areas of government work. A social studies education is often as close as your newspaper.

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