Fun Social Studies Games for Kids

Looking for a good way to teach social studies for kids? Is your curriculum a little dry? If you need a way to wake up your students to get them interested and ready to learn, then try playing social studies games. Games are a great way to break up the tedium and get your students excited about learning. Try some of these ideas for social studies activities and games to play with your students.

  • People in your Neighborhood Bingo: This game is great for younger students. Make bingo cards with pictures or names of people in your community, such as firefighter, construction worker and doctor. Proceed as with regular bingo, calling out the names of community figures until someone gets "Bingo!"
  • State Capitols Match Game: Make up two sets of cards, one with the names of the states, one with the names of the state capitols. Set the timer and see how fast your students can match them up.
  • Who Am I? This social studies activity can be adapted for any unit you are studying.
    • Community Who Am I? Make a list of important community figures, such as police officer, doctor, teacher, mail carrier, etc. Give your students clues, such as "I take care of animals when they are sick." Award points for correct answers.
    • History Who Am I? For this version, make a list of historic figures, such as George Washington, Ben Franklin, Mary Todd Lincoln, John Quincy Adams, etc.  Give clues such as, "I was married to the 16th president of the United States."
    • Where Am I? This puts a geographic spin on the game. Instead of guessing people, your students will guess places.  Make a list of states, countries or regions to go along with what you're studying. Have your students guess where you are by giving clues such as, "I'm standing next to the Eiffel Tower," or "Kangaroos are native to this land." 

There are also lots of different socials studies materials available through educational supply stores, including board games and card games. By using games as a learning tool, you allow learning to be fun for your students. And if your students are having fun learning, you'll have fun teaching.

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