Have Discussion Groups to Learn Spanish

Discussion Group
Inform people that you will be developing and hosting a chat group, but keep the group small. Working with a small group allows everyone the opportunity to speak, without being rushed. Decide on one of two groups. One group will consist of all native English speakers, who have about the same skill level, or slightly more advanced. However, if you have someone who is very advanced, they may become indifferent. On the other hand, beginners sometimes get frustrated, and intimidated. The other group can be split between native English, and native Spanish speakers. Therefore, split the dialogue between English and Spanish.

Since you are hosting this group you should prepare, in advance, your topics of conversation. In the beginning, the topics should be light and fun. As time passes, you will get to know your group; in that case, the topics of discussion could be of a more serious nature. Write everything you would like to discuss and then translate it into Spanish. This will enhance your Spanish writing skills as well. Consistently correcting the grammar of your group members, may prove disheartening for a few members. The goal is to strive for your group to communicate, and to be understood.  Alternatively, do take notes of mistakes, new vocabulary, and phrases.

Decide with your group members their availability, and determine a location . A few other ideas for places, would be the local coffee shop, a diner, or the community room at your local public library.

With the use of modern technology, ?"Skype?" provides free access to speak to anyone in the world. This provides a great opportunity for a discussion to improve your Spanish skills. (www.skype.com). With the use of webcams, discussions can still be face to face. The possibilities are endless.

Buena suerte. Good luck.

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