How to Improve Study Habits in Children

Sometimes you need to help your child improve study habits. Good study habits don't come naturally for every child. You may need to intervene and encourage your child to develop good study skills. Once your child knows how to study, he will find it less of a burden, so it's worth investing time teaching your child the ins and outs of academic work.

Check Your Child's Planner Daily
Your child probably has a planner to write down her assignments. Check her planner daily and talk through the assignments listed. Is that essay due tomorrow or in one week? Has your child turned in her homework from last week? Is she on top of things or behind? If in doubt, check her teacher's Web site or e-mail the teacher to get a status update.

Help Your Child Plan
Your child may need help managing his time to improve study habits. Help him estimate how long homework assignments are going to take, then have him schedule time to complete the projects. You may want to use a calendar to record when projects are due and when your child plans to work on each project.

Teach Your Child How to Organize
Your child probably has a binder, several folders and notebooks. Make sure your child learns how to color-coordinate folders to notebooks and how to file papers. Show your child how to take Cornell notes, which can be used as a study guide later. Go through your child's binder every once in a while to throw out or put away papers that are no longer needed.

Teach Your Child How to Make Flashcards
Use a stack of index cards and colored markers to make flashcards to study vocabulary words or math problems. Walk your child through the process of figuring out what she needs to learn, then craft the flashcards with her.

Model Good Study Habits
Explain to your child how you prepare for your job, research investments before committing money, compare products before purchasing and read reliable sources for the news. All of these real-life experiences can help your child see that study habits are not just for making a grade, but are important in everyday life.

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