What Happens at Summer Weight Loss Camps

The wrong summer weight loss camps can be a nightmare for children. Strenuous activities, low calorie diets and starving kids are the stereotypical experience. But alternatives exist. 

The best weight loss summer camps feature a large residential setting, high staff to camper ratio, wide range of engaging activities, nutritionally sound meals and healthy lifestyle training for wellness. These camps will equip your kid with a new way of thinking about living and healthy eating habits to last a lifetime.

Summer weight loss camps should have:

  • ACA accreditation. The American Camp Association gives accreditation to camps that have a commitment to safety standards beyond national requirements, trained staff, and low staff to camper ratios.
  • A commitment to a safe and nurturing program that builds self esteem, provides education and helps campers learn about healthy choices rather than deprivation.
  • Opportunities for elective choices of activity each day. Participants should feel they have a say in activities because choice is empowering.
  • Caring staff committed to helping each participant succeed, grow, have fun and learn how to be healthier.
  • An exclusive, large residential setting with a variety of activities and offerings. These could include: water sports, boating, athletics, calisthenics, nature programs, social activities and field trips.
  • A large cohort of campers that allows for campers in the same age group to interact together, forming lasting friendships and peer groups for support.
  • A nutrition plan based on reality, balanced food choices and strong education rather than fad diets or restrictions that are hard to maintain once camp is over.

There are many summer weight loss camps available, but the bad ones outnumber the good. Get testimonials from former campers themselves so that you feel good about your choice and hear firsthand about the good things the camp has to offer. Weight is a sensitive issue, and those who wish to improve their health and lose weight need emotional as well as physical support. It can be helpful to talk to others who have been there, and those who work for the camp. Every camp should be willing to give you a list of references.

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