What Makes a Summer Band Camp Great

Summer band camp is an enriching and rewarding experience for young musicians. There are several types of band camps. Here are some of the ways to choose a music summer camp that will fit your child perfectly.

Music style
If your child enjoys a specific genre of music, such as jazz, classical or hip hop, a music camp dedicated to honing his skills in that style might appeal to him. Find out what your child wants to gain from a band camp, and if developing skills in one particular style is her dream, choose a music camp based on those which offer lessons and opportunities to study that style of music.

Some band camps cater to an instrument family, such as percussion or strings. If your child is a drummer, a camp that specializes in percussion skills might be the perfect place for him to spend the summer. These instrument specialty camps offer experiences in a wide range of musical styles for the instrument of choice. Vocal music camps are another good example of this.

Summer music camps vary greatly in length. Some have one week sessions, and some may go for the entire summer. Prices will vary as well, so don't forget to factor budget into the equation. When choosing the length of a summer session, consider also your child's comfort being away from home overnight, age, maturity and desire to go.

Combination camps
Some summer music camps offer a range of activities in addition to music, making music the featured activity, but allowing the campers time for a well rounded camp experience. This may include sports, swimming, horseback riding, camp outs, programs, trips, and more.

School Band Camp
Many schools have their own weekend or week long retreats for band members before school starts. The school band camp usually uses this time to get the students used to playing their instruments together, and assigns the seating order ("chairs") so that the group is ready for the school year.

Some summer band camps or summer music camps are run by music conservatories or colleges. The music training at these camps is extremely high quality, and the focus on the musical arts is very serious.

If your child is interested in being completely immersed in a music program, a music conservatory camp may be the right choice. These camp experiences, when taken during the high school years, can enhance the student's college applications greatly and increase the chances for earning a music scholarship.

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