Getting the Most from Your Disney Cruise Lines Vacation

Disney Cruise Lines specialize in family fun, taking family vacationing to the limits. With special programs and activities for toddlers to teens and an entire deck devoted to the kids (and yet another section of each cruise ship devoted to the parents), your family is bound to have a fabulous time. Here is some valuable Disney Cruise Line information that may help you get the best deals and make the most of your trip.

Book Ahead
If you want to book a cruise for the peak times of year, you'll have to book way in advance-six months to a year in advance. This is also true if you want to reserve one of the best state rooms. However, if you're trying to save money and are not particular about what time of year you go, you may want to keep an eye on what Disney calls the Magical Rates List. Check this list weekly for discounted trips and book your trip a little closer to your vacation date-two to three months in advance.

For more money savings, take out a credit card that will give you a discount or on-board credit, such as Disney Rewards Visa Card. Explore booking options with agents such as Small World Vacations, who will negotiate lower prices and even give you a rebate.

Scrimp on the Cabin
Keep in mind that you will not spend much time in your cabin. For many families, it makes a lot of sense to book an inner cabin with no windows and save the money to spend on other things. You and your children will be so busy on deck or in activities that you will not need a room with a window. You can also ask for an upgrade when you check in; if a better room is available, you may get upgraded for no extra charge.

Invest in a book on how to make the most of your Disney Line Cruise. Many people have found PassPorter's Field Guide to the Disney Cruise Line helpful. Once you are aboard your cruise ship, you'll want to read your daily newsletter, The Navigator, every day so you know what activities are available. This newsletter will keep you up to date on any important changes, saving you time and confusion.

Pay attention to what is free and what costs extra. Often you can save yourself some money by timing when you do what. For example, you can get soft drinks free at all the meals, but they will cost you extra if you order soft drinks at the bar. By paying attention to little things like this, you'll save yourself a bundle.

Take advantage of the family game shows, the chance to act in the kids' show at the end of the week, and the many activities for the whole family. You'll have a vacation to remember!

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