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Today, more and more parents are deciding against circumcising their sons, fewer than 60 percent of infant boys nationally are circumcised.
The story of the socialite Edith Bouvier Beale features many intrigues, none more fascinating than the strange hair coverings Edie wore to cover her baldness.
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The FBI did not always exist. It was created out of a need and an ideology.
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While some people believe philosophy is not worth a second look, others know there are plenty of solid reasons to study philosophy.
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The crack, squeak and octave shift in the voice of a boy is a signal that something important is happening.
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What is the buzz on the sound bees make? Here is the answer.
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While 75 percent of older kids can flash a cavity-free smile, tooth decay in preschoolers is actually on the rise.
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Dogs have some strange habits. Why do dogs eat paper products?
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Organic molecules contain carbon and are made by living organisms.
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Purring is a mysterious feline characteristic.
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The cycle of osmotic flow and turgor pressure in plants explained.
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The Puritan preachers of the colonial period played an important role in the history of that time.
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