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Popular Articles
Boarding high schools can help kids to transition from the structured environment of elementary and junior high schools to the looser environment of college life.
By Momie Tulottes
You want to sleep. You want your baby to sleep. What's the problem? For some reason, your child is fighting it. If only they could understand how sweet sleep can be. But how do you reason with an infant or the increasingly intelligent but stubborn toddler? Sometimes you just don't.
By Grace Alexander
Classification of molecules is a step in the process of understanding chemistry.
By Lauren Bove
Harry Potter is a runaway smash hit like no other. An important key feature in all the books and crucial for understanding the story is the seven Horcruxes.
By Lauren Bove
The biography of Marie Curie, pioneer in the field of radiation, is inspiring because of the great accomplishments that she achieved, despite many obstacles.
By Julie R Butler
Let your child make a lovely flower that has actual moving parts. It is easy to create and fun to play with.
By Denise Oliveri
Here are the facts about the Truman Doctrine and what led up to it.
By NW Bartlett
You can liven up a birthday party room with these unique oversized candy birthday party decorations.
By Denise Oliveri
Jellyfish live in bodies of saltwater throughout the world. Not all jellyfish stings contain toxin, but many will irritate human skin.
Reasons for the ban of To Kill a Mockingbird are for offensive language and themes of racism.
By Christy Birmingham
A house divided cannot stand. Abraham Lincoln said it; the Populist Party proved it.
By Edd Staton
Should you buy a wooden high chair, a plastic one or one made from both materials? Parents shopping for a high chair may be overwhelmed by the many choices. 
By Elece Hollis
Discover the unique characteristics of these flying marsupials and whether they make good pets.
By Stephanie Banfield
Dogs, like their human companions, can suffer from various diseases including diabetes, hypothyroidism, Lyme disease and more.
When you're shopping, keep radio interference in mind and use these tips to help you find a baby monitor that will work.
By Alice Langholt
Discover why it hails in the summer and learn about the damage hail can cause.
By Jessie See
Talking about abstinence and teenagers is almost always an uncomfortable task for a parent. "Having the talk" is something dreaded by parents and teens alike. But now more than ever, it's important for parents to keep open the lines of communication about sex and abstinence.
By Diane Fitzpatrick
You may wonder what is the difference between ADD and ADHD? ADHD is a childhood condition that affects the brain's impulse control and forward planning ability. ADHD is treatable, but an evaluation is needed to rule out other potential causes.
By Sharon Hurley Hall
Speaking frankly to teenagers about alcohol and drug use may just be the deciding factor in abstinence.
By thomwconroy
Learn about Kristallnacht and discover what events instigated the terrible attack.
By Jessie See
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