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Symmetry takes many shapes and sizes and is found in biology, nature and mathematics.
By Janet Grischy
Rabbits are cute and cuddly, but why do rabbits thump?
By Jennifer Hinders
Cats often pull out their hair in clumps for psychological reasons. Allergies and certain medical conditions can be factors as well.
Chargaff’s Rules define the relationship between the base pairs in a strand of DNA, which also determines the percentage of each base pair in a genotype.
By Katriena Knights
While sports offer benefits from physical fitness and coordination to learning the value of teamwork, they can also result in injuries.
By Elaine Ambrose
Thinking of adding a cage bird to your life? Use this list of essential bird supplies to make sure you've got everything your bird will need.
By Rachel Mork
The top three indoor air threats are carbon monoxide, radon and environmental tobacco smoke, says Janice Nolen, director of national policy for the American Lung Association
By Christina Elston
Want to adopt a pet? Consider adopting an older or adult dog.
By Carina MacDonald
Plants need soil for nutrients and as a substrate in which to grow their often delicate root structures.
By Sarah Parrish
Is your fish tired? Do fish sleep?
By Jennifer Hinders
There are two types of twins, identical and fraternal, and each type is conceived in a unique way.
By Jennifer Flaten
Life for an obese kid can be just awful. Teasing, rejection, bullying and bias are to blame and researchers are pointing fingers at peers, teachers, and even parents.
By Christina Elston
Learn how to identify a stingray and treat a wound if you are stung.
By Stephanie Banfield
What's in the best dog foods? Learning to read ingredient labels and knowing what to avoid will help you find a balanced food for your dog.
By Dachary Carey
What is geography? It's more than memorizing places on a map; it's about understanding how an area affects the people who live there.
By Rachel Mork
As a new mother who is nursing, you undoubtedly have questions about storing breast milk. Breast milk is the healthiest thing you can feed a child, and proper storage is essential for providing the best possible milk.
By LuAnn Schindler
Rhetorical devices are means of conveying thoughts in ways that provoke emotion or neglect literal meaning.
By Shelly Barclay
By the beginning of the Civil War, Frederick Douglass was arguably the most famous black man in America.
By Edd Staton
Despite recent findings that toddlers who use pacifiers or suck their thumbs are likely to have misaligned baby teeth in preschool, parents shouldn't be unduly alarmed, says Paul Reggiardo, D.D.S., past president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.
By Christina Elston
Parents often go about teaching honesty in ways that encourage the opposite. Try this simple behavioral approach for better results.
By Juliana Kuraitis
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