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This is the Parenting & Family web page. This category page organizes all of Life123's articles about Parenting & Family. Our team of experts have unique knowledge about this complex topic area, and they have created easy-to-read articles that dispense advice and useful solutions in the Parenting & Family topic arena. You'll find help in how to plan projects, you will discover new facts about Parenting & Family, you will learn techniques that will help you optimize your time, you'll know what to avoid, and you might find ways to make your Parenting & Family projects cost less.

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Popular Articles
Television and comedy made Cosby one of the most famous faces of a generation.
By Shelly Barclay
The smartest dogs are generally from the working breeds. Naturally active and communicative, they are great for agility training.
By Mary P Ivy
Learning how to take care of a goldfish can be an important lesson in responsibility for your young child. Get her started with this guide.
By LuAnn Schindler
A congruence transformation reproduces shapes in different spaces or orientation.
By Rebecca Mikulin
Air is important because we need oxygen, water distribution and wind.
By Sarah Parrish
Tune yourself in to the natural world around you; each season offers new and exciting things to learn. Here are some ideas for studying science in autumn.
By Jenney Cheever
Oral literature preserves culture and values and prepares children for literacy. The themes and characters are dramatic and exciting.
By Mary P Ivy
If you have just adopted your new furry best friend you are probably a little clueless of how to go about training them. Well, today you have found your resource for crate training dogs that works.
By Katy A.
Knowing when to start potty training is as important as how you go about it. Potty training too early can lead to problems, causing your child to take even longer to be successfully potty trained.
By Maeve Rich
Valence electrons are important because they help determine the behavior of an element.
By Sarah Parrish
Hyenas are typically scavengers that eat the leftover kill of other animals. They can and will also kill animals less than 90 pounds.
By Connie Earl Robertson
Cat grooming can be one of the more challenging aspects of cat care, because most felines won't sit still while you poke and prod at them. Find out what's needed and get some tips to make the experince more enjoyable for your cat.
By Jenney Cheever
How did the Cold War play a role in sending a man to the moon?
By Susan Smith
New York City has been called the Big Apple since the 1930s.
By Melanie Grimes
Swim diapers are great for a trip to the pool or running through the sprinkler, but they're not meant for everyday use.
By Cheryl Bowman
There is no limit to the facepainting tips, designs and techniques that you can use for face painting.
By Denise Oliveri
The Chickasaw are agricultural people who once inhabited sophisticated towns in the woodland region where the Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee rivers converge.
By Julie R Butler
Your baby has a fever, or she may not be acting herself, and you suspect that she is ill. You decide to call your pediatrician. What will the doctor want to know?
Put sugar in the gas tank of a car and you ruin its engine. Fail to put sugar in the gas tank of your body and ruin your health.
By Edd Staton
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