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Popular Articles
Fire produces one of the most well recognized exothermic reactions in the world. It is hot because of the energy released during combustion.
By Rebecca Mikulin
Essentially, unschooling is a way of homeschooling that is guided by the child's interests instead of a set curriculum. But the exact definition varies, depending on whom you ask.
By Jenney Cheever
Dads are busy people and they may not pay close attention to the routine health screenings that can make a big difference in detecting and preventing serious illness.
By Christina Elston
Glucose is created in plants by photosynthesis. It is second only to sunlight in importance for sustaining life.
By Jamie Douglas
With the number of adopted children rising, especially in international adoptions, many parents are in more need than ever for guidance on when and how to tell their children that they are adopted.
Poisonous flowers are more common than you may think and probably lurk in your own garden.
By Maeve Rich
Toads may burrow down as deep as three feet in order to get below the frost level so they can hibernate for the winter.
By Connie Earl Robertson
Learn about the Fifth Amendment and discover why it is important.
By Jessie See
Clothing has, in recent years, become an important issue, even for little children. The coveted brand name products are often high in price, and outfitting children for school is a strain on most budgets, especially those living frugally.
By Sharon L. Secor
After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Catholic Church grew in power politically, with Rome emerging as the site of its central authority.
By Katriena Knights
Like two sides of the same coin, aerobic and anaerobic respiration have similarities.
By Jennifer Hinders
Implemented on January 1, 1994, NAFTA is a controversial trade agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico.
By Jamie Douglas
The Louisiana Purchase more rightfully should have been called the Louisiana Surprise.
By Jamie Douglas
The price paid in economic, human and other casualties on both sides of the American Revolution were great.
By Jamie Douglas
The Cold War began just after World War II, building from tensions that had existed between the USSR and the West since the early 20th century.
By Katriena Knights
You'll never forget a short 1.32-minute ride on this roller coaster.
By Conny Manero
Thomas Edison is an American inventor who introduced and created many great inventions.
By Crystal Eynon
Common questions about miscarriage, including when and why they occur.
By Rebecca Mikulin
History does not just include ancient civilizations and world wars. Find out how we define what is history.
By Jamie Douglas
Nitrogen is a part of proteins and DNA.
By Sarah Parrish
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