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Popular Articles
Aborigines, without a doubt the oldest sustained population of humans in the world, are walking, talking anthropological treasures.
By Jamie Douglas
How do caterpillars turn into butterflies? Learn more about nature’s fascinating transformation.
By Conny Manero
Pandas have become the poster animal for wildlife endangerment and rescue. Why are these animals so precious?
By Lauren Bove
Learn how to identify a mullet in the open ocean and find out why these fish are frequently seen leaping from the sea.
By Stephanie Banfield
A look at technical knowledge compared to technological knowledge, theoretical knowledge and technical skill.
By Gail Seymour
This project will show how you can create a beautiful and bright butterfly that can share and liven up your room.
By Lucy Oliveri-O'Hearn
Osmosis is important because it causes water to move.
By Sarah Parrish
The cause of the beneficial tides that occur in the oceans of the Earth was hypothesized by the ancient Greeks, who were confused about just one detail.
By Jamie Douglas
Getting older is not easy. Keeping up with kids and their secret codes, like the term YOLO, is seemingly impossible.
By Lauren Bove
Napoleon was a French general and the Emperor of France.
By Melanie Grimes
With speech development following norms of milestone development, many parents compare their children's speech development to charts, wondering if their child is behind or still within "normal" range.
By Alice Langholt
William Bradford was a separatist and the governor of Massachusetts for over 30 years.
By Connie Earl Robertson
Dalmatians are called fire dogs because of their loyal service at firehouses.
By Janet Grischy
There are high-tech methods and old myths that may help you choose the gender of a child, but there are also ethical concerns to consider.
By Derek Gerry
Is your baby sleeping too much? Although sleep habits evolve rapidly during the first year of life, there is still a normal range of sleep patterns for infants, babies and toddlers. If your child's sleep falls outside of these norms, it's a good idea to call your doctor and have your baby examined for potential health problems.
By Alice Langholt
The Third Amendment protects citizens against housing soldiers in their homes without consent.
By Tara Bellucci
Starting as far back as the 1865, the Ku Klux Klan is still active today, though it has largely been shut down due to its extreme and racist beliefs.
By Shelly Barclay
The Selective Service Act facts important to families have to do with the history, requirements and changes in the act.
By Jen Adams
Italian is a romantic language, so why not learn some romantic Italian phrases to impress that special someone? 
By Alice Langholt
The effects of childhood obesity are physical, psychological and emotional. In addition to the same health risks suffered by adults, overweight kids suffer from social effects that can be difficult to handle at a young age.
By Diane Fitzpatrick
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