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This is the Parenting & Family web page. This category page organizes all of Life123's articles about Parenting & Family. Our team of experts have unique knowledge about this complex topic area, and they have created easy-to-read articles that dispense advice and useful solutions in the Parenting & Family topic arena. You'll find help in how to plan projects, you will discover new facts about Parenting & Family, you will learn techniques that will help you optimize your time, you'll know what to avoid, and you might find ways to make your Parenting & Family projects cost less.

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Learn the common signs of puberty for both boys and girls. Girls generally begin puberty before boys and research indicates that they are entering puberty earlier than previous generations.
The interaction of superconductors and supercomputers may be the next step in advancement for energy conservation and computational ability.
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Covering 71 percent of the surface of the planet, the five great oceans affect our everyday lives.
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The birth of their new nation was a big deal for early Americans.
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A child locator is a device you can attach to your child's wrist, belt or shoe. The sender attaches to your key chain. If your child runs off or wanders out of sight, you can press a button on his sender that will send a radio signal to the child's device.
By Elece Hollis
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