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The sub-branches of botany deal with different ways to classify, use and protect plants. Learn about the major areas of study and the kinds of career opportunites they offer.
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The Pony Express was an exciting part of the history of the West. Lasting only 19 months, it delivered mail until the telegraph arrived.
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The process of meiosis and the reproduction mechanisms of unicellular and multicellular organisms.
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Prenatal yoga can help you release stress and discomfort while teaching breathing and relaxation techniques that can be helpful during delivery.
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Uranus gets its blue color from a particular gas in its upper atmosphere.
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Learning the art of nursing twins takes a little patience and creativity, but you'll be rewarded with relaxing, quiet moments to bond with your babies.
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The cause of the beneficial tides that occur in the oceans of the Earth was hypothesized by the ancient Greeks, who were confused about just one detail.
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Breast development during puberty tends to begin around age 10 and continues until age 18. There could be some variation in these ages because every girl is different, but she will go through five stages of development.
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Pregnancy can seem like an eternity for many women, and can often drag on for days or weeks past the baby's predicted due date. By the last couple of weeks of pregnancy, many women are looking for ways to speed things along and help get labor started.
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Birds outside your window can work as well as an alarm clock.
By Conny Manero
When the weather is crummy, what can we learn from it? It's the perfect time for some cold kitchen kid weather experiments.
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Pediatrician groups around the world are calling for the banning of baby walkers. In Canada, they've already been successful.
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Plant biology can be confusing. Learning the ways in which plant reproduce can be especially tricky. Know your sporophytes and ace your biology class.
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When it comes to temperature, water is steady as a rock.
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Feline leukemia symptoms are a sign of a serious disease that's a leading killer of cats. Learn how to spot the symptoms and how to keep your cat from getting this illness.
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Rabbi Shmuley from Oprah.com tells us that teaching kids to respect and manage time is a central component to a good education.
By Minnie Chatterfield
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