Where Do Parrots Live

Where do parrots live? Where do parrots nest? Where can you go to see wild parrots in their natural habitat? Get ready to travel if you hope to see these birds in the wild, and be prepared for an amazing display of color.

Tropical Natives
Wild parrots can be found in most rainforest and tropical zones of the world. You'll find large numbers of parrots in South America, Central America, tropical islands, Australia, New Guinea, Indonesia and parts of Africa and Asia.

In many of these areas, parrots are considered pests. Farmers resent parrots because they eat valuable crops; average citizens fume at large parrots for tearing apart windshield wipers and rubber molding on cars. Parrots have been trapped and sold as pets for centuries, but they have also been trapped as pests and even killed and eaten. In fact, one of the many names for the common parakeet is budgeri-gar, which is an Australian aboriginal phrase that translates literally to "good to eat."

In some cases, pet parrots escape from homes and manage to survive in the wild in unusual habitats. The state of California is home to many feral parrots, including an especially large number of conures. These birds thrive in the warm California weather. Similar situations have occurred throughout the world.

Parrot Nesting
Most wild parrots like to nest in holes. They will build their nests in holes in trees, in rock hollows and even in mounds made by termites. A few species of parrots build stick nests, but most prefer a hollowed-out tree. Parrots bred in captivity are provided nest boxes to simulate a hole in a tree.

Quaker parrots are one of the few types that will build communal nests. Quaker parrots create elaborate structures from sticks, straw, grass and string that can house up to 40 individual nests. The weight of these massive Quaker colonies can bring down electric wires and poles. In some parts of the United States, it is illegal to purchase or own a Quaker Parrot because feral parrot colonies cause so much damage to crops and property.

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