How Much Cat Hair Loss Is Normal

Cats are famous for producing large amounts of hair and large amounts of cat hair loss. Like most fur covered creatures, cats shed in a routine pattern. New hair grows and, as it pushes out, old hair falls from your cat to make room for it.

How Much Is Too Much?
Longhaired breeds are known to produce more (and more noticeable) cat hair than shorthaired cats. If your cat is shedding hair evenly and at regular intervals, all is well. Not necessarily tidy, but well. However, if your cat begins to lose hair in patches or down to the skin, you may have a problem.

There are a number of causes for this type of hair loss and checking with your vet should be a priority.

Allergies Can Cause Hair Loss
A flea, tick or other insect may have bitten your cat. The bite from a parasite can cause an allergic reaction. As a result, she may bite or scratch at the site of the bite until hair starts to fall away from the spot. In severe cases, the skin can become irritated and open up from all the activity.

Food allergies can also cause excessive itching in cats. If you suspect a food allergy, consult with your vet. He may recommend a special or restricted diet to rule out food allergies.

Ringworm Can Cause Hair Loss
The fungal infection known as ringworm can cause your cat to lose hair in circular patches. Ringworm is easily treated with tablets, ointment or lotion for your cat's skin.

Is Your Cat Stressed Out?
Cats are often anxious about changes to their environment. A new child, roommate or even new furniture can cause a cat to become stressed.

Your cat licks itself as a way to groom, but also as a way to comfort itself. A cat that is under stress may over-groom to the point of causing hair loss. Consult your vet for ways to manage your cat's stress.

Other Causes
If all other causes are eliminated, your cat's hair loss may be due to another disease or condition. Hyperthyroidism and hormonal imbalance are two health situations that are know to cause hair loss in cats. Your vet can provide more information and any needed testing.

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