Should You Invest in a Pet Hair Vacuum

If you've got dogs or cats, you've probably considered investing in a pet hair vacuum. Regular vacuums just don't seem to stand up to the quantities of pet hair that dogs and cats can produce, and pet hair can actually damage regular vacuum cleaners, getting lodged in beater brushes and belts and eventually jamming up the system. Pet hair vacuums are typically more expensive than standard vacuums, though, so the question is: Should you invest in a pet hair vacuum?

Is a pet hair vacuum really worth the cost?
The biggest question that most people have about pet hair vacuums is whether they perform well enough to justify the cost. The answer is: it varies. Yes, there are some vacuums for pet hair that actually vacuum pet hair, that won't give up on you after a few uses and that can help you maintain cleanliness in your home, even with a dog or cat. However, some pet hair vacuums are the exact same as a standard model, but packaged with a different name, and those models are less successful and not worth the difference in price.

How do you find a worthwhile pet hair vacuum?
First, look for manufacturer's specifications about what's different about their pet hair vacuums. How does the construction differ from other vacuums? Do they employ any special technology or pathways to minimize pet hair-related damage? While you can't always believe wild  claims about a product, you can use detailed specifications to get an idea how much thought the manufacturer has put into its pet hair vacuum. Compare the pet hair vacuum with specifications for a standard vacuum, and see what's different. Make sure you're getting value for the difference in price.

Read reviews of pet hair vacuums.
User reviews are a great source to find some of the best vacuums for pet hair. By reading user reviews, you'll go beyond the manufacturers' claims to see what other dog and cat owners actually think of the pet hair vacuum. Two of the pet hair vacuums with the best reviews are the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser and the Dyson Animal. The Roomba works great for hardwood and tile floors, but isn't as effective on carpeting as the Bissell and Dyson.

Consider pet hair vacuum maintenance.
Regardless of what pet hair vacuum you get, you've got to perform regular maintenance to keep your pet hair vacuum working. One of the biggest sources of trouble for any pet hair vacuum is dog and cat fur wrapping around the beater brush. Regardless of what pet hair vacuum you purchase, you must remove the beater brush and clean the pet hair regularly. Ideally, you'll do this between every use, but if you can't manage to clean it that frequently, do it every 3-5 vacuuming sessions. If you find your pet hair vacuum suction is declining, check the debris compartment and the filter. Empty both as frequently as necessary, even in the middle of vacuuming, to keep your pet hair vacuum working like new.

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