How To Care For Your Pet In A Down Economy

Most all of us have been experiencing tough economic times lately, but that does not mean we have to skimp on the care of the pets we love.  Shelters and rescue organizations are experiencing an increase in the number of abandoned and surrendered pets.  Many of these pets are loved and cherished members of their families but those families think the pets will be better off without them.  

There are many ways to save money on pet care during these tough economic times.  Don't think that you are skimping on quality if you choose a low cost option.  Many places that provide these services do so with experienced, talented, loving, and caring staff.

Follow these steps to keep your furry friend (and your wallet) happy during these tough times.

Low cost spay/neuter clinics:  these can be mobile clinics, veterinarian offices, shelters, rescue groups.  In the town of Rocky Mount, VA, for example, you can make an appointment to take your pet to the Planned Pethood Clinic, ,for options starting at $40.  Many of these same organizations will offer low cost vaccinations, checkups, etc.

Over the Counter Medications:  Purchase your flea and tick medication and heartworm preventative through online pharmacies such as 1-800PetMeds.  Many of these companies will match or beat the lowest cost in your area.

Food:  Buy larger quantities of food to save money.  Also, use coupons and look for advertised specials.  Some local food pantries are starting to get pet food for those who cannot afford to purchase at the store.

Accessories:  Stay away from high-end, high-priced accessories.  Leashes, collars, crates, toys do not have to cost you a fortune.  And your pet does not know the difference between a $4 item and a $20 item.

Pet Insurance:  Take a look at and research pet insurance.  Depending on your pets age and health, insurance may help save money on routine services and some services should he/she become ill.

Most important of all:  Love your pet.  No matter the state of the economy, your pet will continue to love you unconditionally with all their heart.  Give them the same in return.

If for any reason, you feel you must give up your pet, please contact your No-Kill Shelter, and if you do not have a no-kill shelter, find the nearest animal rescue group that can help find your pet a new home.  

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