Can You Use Human Eye Drops on Dogs

Eye drops for humans are a simple saline solution which helps to rinse out the eye and make it appear less red and may even help with itchiness and dryness. Although a dog's eye is very similar to that of a human eye, it is never recommended to use human eye drops on any animal.

If you believe that your dog may be able to benefit from the use of eye drops, you should consult with a veterinarian. Depending on what is wrong with your dog's eyes, they made a special solution to properly care for their eyes. There are several issues that a dog may have with their eyes, which will need a specific eye drop or even ointment to correct the problem.

Problems with dogs' eyes

There are several things to look for when it comes to the health of your canine's eyes. They may appear red, swollen, gooey, itchy, clouded, have something stuck in them, or even tear stained fur around the eye. When you see any of these signs, contact your vet for an appointment.

Your dog could be suffering from allergies, debris stuck in the eye, pink eye, cataracts, tear duct blockage, a scratched cornea, or an injury if their eyes appear to be abnormal or unhealthy. All of these issues need to be addressed by a veterinarian. Otherwise, the health of your dog's eyes may worsen.

Medications, eye drops and ointments used for dogs' eyes

There are three things a doctor may prescribe for your dog's eyes depending on the problem and its severity. They may suggest an ointment, eye drops or perhaps an oral medication if the problem is an infection of some sort. The most common is typically administering by eye drops.

How to put eye drops in your dog's eyes

Putting eye drops in your dog's eyes may be a hassle. It is hard enough to get your dog to stay still, but now you have to hold them still and put eye drops in their eyes. There are certain methods and techniques you can use to get the drops into your dog's eye.

If your dog will not sit or lie still enough for you, try to have someone else in the home hold him down while you apply the eye drops. This will make it much easier. After you get the dog to be still enough, you will want to wipe away any goop or fur from the eyeball. You can do this with a warm, wet cloth or cotton ball.

Use one hand to hold the eye open while you use the other to squeeze a drop out of the eye drop bottle. Your dog will begin to blink after the eye drops hit the eyeball's surface. This is expected and good, seeing as it will help spread the drops around the eyeball.

Don't ever ignore the fact that your dog may have an eye problem. If you notice anything that seems abnormal, see your veterinarian for advice and a prescription for your dog. This will assure that the problem doesn't worsen and that your dog will not lose their vision or form a worse infection that may affect their vision in the future.

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