Canine Dementia Symptoms

What is canine dementia, and how can it be detected? Canine dementia affects the brain function of older dogs. This degenerative disease is progressive. You will notice, over time, a decrease in cognitive activities, particularly in terms of the following seven symptoms:

1. Confusion. Your dog may be confused when asked to do something or, if it wants to go outside, it may go to the wrong door, such as going to an indoor door rather than the outside door.

2. Less Responsive. The dog may become less responsive. If you ask it to come to you or if you ask it if it wants to go out, it may ignore you, or it may look at you as if it doesn't understand what it may have previously understood.

3. Forgetfulness. The dog may forget people, things, when he has to go out or where his food and water is located.

4. Wandering. The dog may start wandering through the house. The wandering will be aimless, as if the dog is restless or looking for something it can't find.

5. Gets Lost In Corners. The dog seems to "get lost" in corners. Instead of backing out of a corner or a tight spot, it will not know how to back out or turn around.

6. Incontinence. The dog may become incontinent and may start having accidents in the house.

7. Does Not Respond To Name. The dog may forget its name and not respond, seemingly ignoring you.

In addition to these seven signs, your dog may also have abnormal sleeping patterns and will stare into space.

There are drugs that can help your dog's dementia. If you notice one or more of the signs of dementia in your dog, contact your vet. The drugs used for canine dementia are similar to the drugs used for treating Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease.

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