What Do Pigs Eat

Wondering what do pigs eat? Pigs will eat almost anything you give them, as long as it is vegetables, fruits or breadstuffs. A pig has a single stomach. Pigs need food that is high in energy and low in fiber. Their feed should also be supplemented with protein. Pigs can be free fed, which means that the pig feeders are well-stocked at all times.

Commercial Pig Food
You can find mush for pigs at any feed store. Read the bag to make sure you are using a good quality mush. Good sources of vitamins are barley, oats and wheat. Pigs also love corn, which is one of the best sources of energy for pigs.

Add plenty of vegetables and fruit to the pigs' mush. Pigs should get mush, corn, fruit and vegetables every day. You can feed mush, also known as slop, once in the morning, then fill up the pigs' food trough with breads, fruit and vegetables throughout the day.

Feral pigs will eat meat, including snakes, frogs, birds and young animals. Farm pigs will also eat anything small that wanders into their pens. As a rule of thumb, however, pigs should never be fed meat or garbage that contains meat. Meat can cause a variety of health problems in pigs.

Pigs Don't Sweat
A pig should always have fresh water. You may have to change the water two or three times per day. A pig does not have sweat glands, so will rut in the mud to cool off. After rolling around in the mud, pigs may get it in their water. It is important to keep the pigs' water clean and full. It is important that pigs have fresh water and are not allowed to become dehydrated. 

A pig's food and water troughs or buckets should be cleaned out every day. Pigs will defecate in the same places they create their mud holes; if there is mud in the food and water troughs, chances are there is feces in there too. 

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