What Do Ferrets Eat

Asking, "What do ferrets eat?" is a good idea before you bring one into your home. There is ferret food made just for ferrets. Ferret kibble is available in a number of varieties at the pet store. It contains a good balance of nutrition formulated for ferrets. Ferrets shouldn't be given cat or dog food. 

Ferrets enjoy supplemental foods to their diet, such as lettuce, carrots, apple slices and even a little ice cream as a treat. Don't give them too much ice cream, though, because dairy products can cause ferrets to have runny stools. You can also give ferret vitamin supplements to help your pet get extra nutrition.

Ferret Kibble
Ferret kibble is a staple of the ferret diet. It provides necessary protein and fiber and should be always available for the ferret to eat. There are several varieties of ferret kibble available. Your ferret will probably prefer one or two types. Before loading up on one kind of food, get one package and see how your ferret likes it. 

You will need a water bottle for your ferret. Always be sure there is a fresh supply of water available for her.

Fruits and Veggies
Ferrets love to eat fruits and vegetables. Let your ferret try different foods regularly. Ferrets will eat almost anything, so make sure to only offer healthy foods, never candy or junk food. Your ferret needs to have a healthy, balanced diet. A little ice cream is a good, occasional treat.

Vitamin Supplements
Your veterinarian may advise a vitamin supplement for your ferret. Some types are liquid, others are chewy. Ferrets will likely gobble up either type eagerly, so pay attention to the nutrients in the supplement rather than the form. 

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