What do Fish Eat

What do fish eat? When you're buying new fish, you should ask the experts at the pet store what food the fish have been fed to get a good idea of what kind of fish food the fish are accustomed to eating. You'll want to feed your fish the same diet they have been thriving on so the shock of the change from one tank to another is minimized.

Pet Fish Food Options
Most fish eat flaked fish food or pellet fish food, but some fish require a special diet. You'll want to feed your fish tiny amounts of food at a time, then wait for them to eat everything before giving more. When your fish stops eating, scoop out any extra food so you don't pollute the tank, affecting the nitrite and nitrate levels of the water.

Many fish like frozen or dried bloodworms or mosquito larvae. These two fish foods are sold in specialty stores and need to be kept in your freezer. You just chop off a tiny chunk, place it in the water and watch your fish eat. Scoop out any extra food just like you would with flake food.

Some fish only eat live or fresh food. You may have to feed your fish smaller fish or pieces of raw shrimp. You will need to ask the fish expert at the pet shop how often to feed a live-food eater and may have to stop at the pet store a couple times a week to get fresh tiny fish for feeding time. If your fish will eat raw shrimp, you can buy uncooked shrimp that is frozen and simply thaw chunks of it as it's needed.

If your fish is not eating, contact the pet store for advice immediately.

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