Basic Toad Food

Providing basic toad food is as simple as luring the right kinds of bugs to your yard. Even if you're keeping toads as pets outside, you can help them get what they need to eat.

The Toad Diet
Toads eat bugs to survive. One toad can eat about 110 bugs per day. Having toads around can be beneficial. They eat mosquitoes, houseflies, slugs, beetles and other pests that can ruin your backyard or your garden. Toads will eat just about anything that moves, including moths, worms and sowbugs. They should be kept away from fireflies, which are poisonous.

Attracting Meals for Toads
Toads find food on their own, but you can help the toads by making their food come to them. To provide basic toad food, build a toad house or a toad village by partially burying some clay pots. Attach a small battery-operated light to each toad house. The light will attract moths for the toads.

To attract slugs for the toad, place small rocks near the toad houses. You can also use small, four-inch wide pieces of branches. The branches or rocks can be rolled by the toad to uncover the slugs, which will hide under them during the day. At night, after dark, try moving one or two of the rocks or branches a few inches to help the toad find the food.

Do not feed toads commercial foods such as fish food and other small-animal foods. Toads have very sensitive digestive systems, and any chemicals or preservatives in their diet can cause health problems. It is better to allow the toad to catch its own food or to help the toad make catching food easier with the use of small lights and strategically placed rocks or wood. 

Toads won't eat anything that's not moving. They need live food, so freeze-dried insects from the pet store won't be accepted.

If you want to keep toads around your home, you'll need to give them some water. Toads don't drink, they absorb water through their skin. To help them do this, set some clay saucers filled with water near your toad houses. The combination of easy meals and a source of fresh water should encourage toads to make a home in your yard or garden.

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