What Do Frogs Need to Survive

What do frogs need to survive? You should learn about their basic care before you decide to adopt a frog as a pet. A pet frog is easy to keep, but there are some steps you must take to keep your frog from getting sick.

Things to Consider About a Frog's Survival

  • Captive frogs can live up to 15 years or longer.
  • A pet frog habitat must be kept very clean. Frogs are very susceptible to chemicals and contamination.
  • Frogs aren't that active. You can't walk them or really play with them.
  • Frogs eat live insects. Some larger frogs may even eat tiny mice.
  • Some frogs grow very large; their name is no indication of how big they will be. The pixie frog is actually an African Bullfrog, which grows to between eight and nine inches long.
  • Some native North American frog species need to hibernate.
  • Tank needs vary. Aquatic frogs need mostly water and some dry surface, terrestrial frogs only need a water bowl, arboreal frogs need branches for climbing and semi-aquatic frogs need a tank that's half water and half land, which is the hardest to set up and maintain.

Pet Frog Survival Supplies

  • A habitat that will house the full-grown frog
  • A water filtration system for aquatic and semi-aquatic frogs
  • A heating or cooling system, depending on the species
  • Water dish
  • Plants and other "furniture" for the frog
  • Food (frogs need food that crawls, hops, flies or wiggles)

The main food for frogs is crickets, which are easy to buy at the pet store. Once a week you will need to dust the frog's crickets with a special vitamin powder. You have to get the right size cricket for your frog; small frogs need small crickets. If you feed a tiny frog a large a cricket, the frog will get sick.

Fruit flies are fed to small frogs and recently morphed frogs. Never feed your frog bugs you caught in your yard, because you can't be sure they don't carry pesticide.

It is very important to provide the frog with fresh water. Frogs absorb water through their skin. Dirty water or water that contains soap or chemicals will make your frog very sick.

You must rinse your frog's water dish out with hot water every day. Never change the water in the same sink you use to prepare food. Tap water usually contains chemicals, so you will need to use spring water or water treated with special conditioners found at the pet store for your frog.

You can set up a tank with a large pond area that uses a filter, much like a fish tank. Even with a filter, you have to monitor the water quality constantly. Frogs like to poop in their water. This can cause a buildup of bacteria and make your frog sick. 

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