What Do Toads Eat

Asking what do toads eat is a good question if you're considering keeping a toad as a pet. Toads eat pretty much the same things that frogs eat. Toads and frogs come from the same taxonomical order; they are just different branches of the same family tree. Toads are in the family Bufonida. This family has more then 300 species.

Toad Characteristics
Toads come in brown or gray and have very colorful eyes. They are shorter, stouter and wartier then frogs. The main difference between toads and frogs is that toads can live on land and drink water. Frogs need to be near water, because they absorb it through their skin instead of drinking it.

Toads are mostly nocturnal, they spend the day hunkered down in burrows, in trees or under leaves. At night, they hop out and munch on insects. Even though toads differ in appearance from frogs, they share the same taste in food: insects.

Toad Food and Feeding
In the wild, toads are valued as a form of pest control. Every gardener hopes to have many toads in the garden. They eat all manner of bugs, including flies, spiders, worms and grubs. 

Toads use the sticky tip of their tongue to snag food. Since, toads do not have teeth, their tongues produce large quantities of mucus to help them swallow their food whole. Toads blink when they swallow. This pushes a toad's eyes against the roof of the mouth, helping to push the food down.

As tadpoles, toads eat plants. Once grown, toads switch to a diet that consists mainly of insects. Toads kept as pets will eat fruit or vegetables, but just like frogs, they prefer live insects.

Toads need their prey moving around to stimulate their impulse to eat. For your pet toad, you should provide live insects, such as crickets. Crickets are the easiest insects to obtain; they are readily available at the pet store. Make sure to select crickets that are no larger then your toad's head. Anything larger and your toad could get sick.

Be sure to feed your toad at night. If you try to feed your nocturnal toad in the daytime, he will not eat and you will end up with a very hungry toad and wasted crickets.

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