What Do Guinea Pigs Eat

Learning what do guinea pigs eat is an important step before you bring one home. Guinea pig food will be one of the essential guinea pig supplies you pick up at the pet store, but it's only a part of what your pet needs to stay healthy.

Eat Your Veggies
The basic diet for a guinea pig is hay and guinea pig pellets, but in order to feed a rounded diet, fresh, raw vegetables should be fed every day. Guinea pigs always need to have food available, as they can die from gut stasis if they do not eat every 12 hours. Keep the pellet bowl filled. Once or twice a day, put fresh vegetables in the cage. Fresh vegetables should be removed after three or four hours. Hay should be available 24 hours a day.

When feeding fresh vegetables, do not feed potatoes, onions, garlic, rhubarb or apple seeds, as these foods are poisonous to a guinea pig. The fruit of tomatoes is okay, but the leaves, stems and stalks are poisonous.

Choosing Guinea Pig Food

When buying pellets at the pet store, do not buy any that contain seeds; these are a choking hazard for guinea pigs. Avoid alfalfa hay and alfalfa pellets if your guinea pig is more than one year old. Alfalfa is high in calcium and can cause internal problems.

Avoid rabbit pellets or pellets designed for other animals. Rabbit pellets may contain antibiotics that can be deadly to guinea pigs. Most other rodent foods contain either seeds or animal products, and should not be used.Guinea pigs do not make Vitamin C on their own; they will need vegetables high in Vitamin C or a Vitamin C supplement. Some guinea pig favorites that have vitamin C are asparagus, beet greens, broccoli, brussel sprouts and cabbage (both green and red).

You should always keep fresh water in the cage for your guinea pig. A drip bottle works the best. Water should be changed every day, and the drip bottle should be cleaned before refilling and replacing it. When cleaning the drip bottle, don't forget to clean the tube and the little ball at the end. 

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