Why Do Guinea Pigs Squeak

Ever wonder why do guinea pigs squeak when you hear one make a noise? There are many reasons for guinea pigs to squeak or make other sounds. Guinea pigs are social animals; this means that they travel in herds, which is part of their survival mechanism. Because they travel in herds, there many guinea pig noises and actions for communication.

Herd Behavior
In the herd, there is only one sexually mature male. Sexual behavior from young males is not tolerated by the adults. There are many sound and body postures that males use to warn young males about their behavior.

Females battle for rank in a herd. They will fight like the males do, but unlike males, they will not usually drive the weaker members from the herd. The females just want the highest ranking among the other females. The female with the highest rank can do whatever she wants whenever she wants. Defensive squeaking is one way that female guinea pigs keep challengers at bay.

Understanding the Squeaks of Your New Guinea Pig
When a guinea pig is content, comfortable and has contact with other guinea pigs, it may grunt, gurgle or squeak. Squeals and shrieks are typically warning sounds. A guinea pig that is lonely will also squeal or shriek. More commonly, shrieking is used when the guinea pig feels pain or is fearful of something.

When a guinea pig coos, it is offering reassurance to its young. A rumble can be a warning or a notice that the guinea pig dislikes an action or a sound. Hissing and clacking teeth is a sign of aggression; these signs are used to threaten an opponent or as a warning to stay away. 

Wheeting is a type of squeal that is reserved for humans. Guinea pigs will make this sound when they're begging for food. 

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