Common Species of Salamanders

There are many different species of salamanders, but not all of them can be kept as pets. Some slamanders are protected or endangered, making it illegal to keep them in captivity.

You'll want to know what type of salamander you're getting before you buy one as a pet. Knowing the animal's native region will help you create the right kind of habitat and provide the proper food.

Salamander Species
Salamanders are from the order Caudata. The order is further broken down into the following:

  • Ambystomatidae: Mole salamanders
    • Eastern Tiger Salamander
    • Flatwoods Salamander (protected)
    • Marbled Salamander
    • Mole Salamander
    • Smallmouth Salamander
    • Spotted Salamander
  • Amphiumidae: Amphiumas
    • One-Toed Amphiuma
    • Two-Toed Amphiuma
    • Three-Toed Amphiuma
  • Cryptobranchidae: Giant salamanders
    • Eastern Hellbender Salamander (protected)
  • Plethodontidae: Woodland or Lungless salamanders
    • Apalachicola Salamander
    • Brown-backed Salamander
    • Cave Salamander
    • Dusky Salamander
    • Dwarf Salamander
    • Eastern Zigzag Salamander
    • Four-Toed Salamander
    • Green Salamander (protected)
    • Gulf Coast Mud Salamander
    • Long-Tailed Salamander
    • Mountain Dusky Salamander
    • Red Salamander
    • Red Hills Salamander
    • Seal Salamander (protected)
    • Seepage Salamander
    • Slimy Salamander
    • Southern Dusky Salamander
    • Southern Redback Salamander
    • Southern Two-Lined Salamander
    • Tennessee Cave Salamander
    • Webster's Salamander
  • Proteidae: Mudpuppies and Waterdogs
    • Alabama Waterdog
    • Black Warrior Waterdog
    • Mudpuppy
  • Salamandridae: Newts
    • Eastern newts
  • Sirenidae: Sirems
    • Greater Siren
    • Lesser Siren

The most common salamanders found depend on where you are located. An Eastern Mud salamander may be commonly seen on the East Coast in particularly muddy areas, but may never be seen on the West Coast. When looking for salamanders as pets in your area, check the different pet stores. Many of the larger pet stores carry salamanders that thrive in your area.

When choosing a salamander for a pet, be sure that you can provide a proper environment and proper food for the salamander. Pet stores and vets do not always have correct answers, unless they're very experienced with particular types of salamanders. Ask at both sources, but also research the type of salamander you bought so that you can learn more about your new pet. 

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