What Do Newts Eat

What do newts eat? A newt is from the Salamandridae family and is actually a salamander, but not all salamanders are newts. The only differences between them are the skin, which is a little rougher on newts than on salamanders, a tendency to return to water to breed and the development of a flat tail during mating season in some newts.

Feeding Live Newts
Newts and salamanders eat the same type of diet: worms and bugs. Aquatic newts eat small fish, shrimp and worms.The diet may vary depending on where the newt lives. Some newts live primarily in the water, others primarily live on land.

For the most part, newts eat small insects, fish and worms. The newts that live mostly on land are picky eaters; they need live insects, rather than dead insects or frozen fish. In the wild, newts that live primarily on the land eat live mosquito larvae and ants. If you have a land newt as a pet, you can try to feed it frozen brine shrimp. If it will not eat them, try live earthworms or live black worms. A newt's digestive system is triggered by the movement of prey, which is why they prefer live food.

Most newts, especially newts that live primarily in water, adapt well to commercial foods such as fish food, reptile sticks, frozen brine shrimp, reptile pellets, live black worms, frozen blood worms and earthworms. These foods are easy to find at pet stores that sell lizards.

If at all possible, try to find live bugs, fish, mosquito larvae and worms. You will have a healthier, longer-living newt if you feed a diet as close as possible to its diet in the wild. You can cultivate mosquito larvae in a bucket of stagnant water in the yard, just be sure to scoop up the mosquito larvae before they hatch. Black worms and other live food can be found at many fish stores.

If you keep black worms to cultivate them for your newt, make sure you rinse them every day. Two ounces of black worms can last a few days in a few inches of water in a cool place.

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