What Do Salamanders Eat

Wondering what do salamanders eat? If you're squeamish, you may not care for the answer. Salamanders are carnivores, so you'll need to keep them fed with live insects.

Salamander Diet Essentials
Most types of salamanders are carnivorous and eat invertebrates. The specific food varies by region; some salamanders eat insects, while some will eat small fish. Before purchasing a salamander, be sure to find out what part of the world it comes from, so you can supply an appropriate diet. Pet stores that deal in lizards should have a regular supply of insects, fish or brine shrimp.

You can't use freeze-dried insects or fish to feed your salamander. They need the movement of live prey to stimulate hunger. For aquatic varieties, you can provide several shrimp or small fish in the habitat's water supply, so that you don't need to feed the salamander daily.

When and What to Feed
Salamanders usually eat a few times a week. Younger salamanders or salamanders that are regenerating limbs should be fed daily, because they are growing.

Be sure to rotate salamander food. If you feed one type of insect at the beginning of the week, change the type for the next feeding. This ensures that the salamander does not get bored with its food, and also ensures that it gets a well-rounded diet with all of the nutrients it requires. You can sprinkle some dry fish flakes on the food to increase its nutritional value.

Salamanders eat crickets, flies, worms, slugs and roaches. Pill bugs and beetles are favorite foods for terrestrial salamanders. You can collect your own insects, but make sure they have not been sprayed with pesticides. If you collect your own insects, keep them for three to four days before offering them to your salamander. If they are still alive, chances are they have not been sprayed.

White worms, mealworms, bloodworms and kingworms are also good food for the salamanders. Mealworms can only be offered once a week, because the shells can cause digestive problems. 

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