Creating a Birth Plan that You Want

Many health-care providers today encourage pregnant women that creating a birth plan - an outline of what you want to happen during the birth of your baby and how you feel about various options in the labor and delivery process - is a great step in the pregnancy process. This is a good stimulus for thinking about what you want and expect out of your childbirth experience. Your plan will also be a good vehicle for communicating your preferences and expectations to your care providers.

When writing your birth plan, consider the following:

  • What you want your care providers to know about you and your partner.
  • Details about your general health.
  • What kind of birthing environment you want - music, soft lighting, etc.
  • Who you want to be present at the birth.
  • Details about your preferred labor positions.
  • How you want to deal with pain.
  • Details about your desired delivery position(s).
  • Who will cut the umbilical cord and whether a male baby will be circumcised.

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