How to Help Kids Have a Sugar Free Diet

Providing your child with a sugar-free diet offers obvious health benefits to your child. Healthy food choices lead to a reduced chance of obesity and diabetes while teaching your child life-long nutritional habits. A sugar-free diet doesn't guarantee your child will never taste the sweetness of sugar, but it does guarantee that nutritious foods are introduced in your child's diet. your house, it is difficult to keep your child from eating it. The out-of-sight, out-of-mind principle can work for you. Buy nutritious foods, such as fresh fruit or vegetables, and keep them in sight. That way, your children will see how to make healthy choices.

Sip Healthy Drinks
Instead of letting your child drink soda or sweetened juices, push water or fruit juices. Sodas and other sweetened beverages contain high amounts of sugar. Cut the calories and reduce the sugar intake by spicing up drink options with fun straws or fresh fruit.                 
Model Tips
Children learn by example. Parents need to practice the messages they are telling their children. This means you need to be a good role model and limit your own sugar intake.

Know the Rules
Establish clear rules and routines with your child regarding food. This should eliminate potential scenes your child might try to make when you are out. Parents can reinforce these rules by not purchasing snacks that are high in sugar. Instead, prepare snacks at home and take them with you.

Family Matters
Inform other family members of the dietary changes you are making. Some extended family members may try to sabotage your plans by offering treats to your children. Additionally, your child may need a reminder about the rules regarding food.

Living a sugar-free life doesn't mean you have to deprive your child of a sweet treat. Rather, reducing sugar and offering sugar-free snacks establishes healthy eating habits for all family members. And as your child ages, he will be healthier because of your choices.

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